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If You Have a Question, Just Ask Me

If you have a question, ask me while I’m present. if you remember something after contact me. This is how you technician feels in majority and wants you to deal with them on something y they have already been to. If you are someone who forgets then write it in your smart device or in notebook or whiteboard, calendar, refrigerator magnet, message in a bottle?

We only know what you tell us and what we see and diagnose while in the home or on the call. I don’t read minds; I read logic boards and they read voltages. I use questions for clarity when someone has only given me partial information. Granted questions are direct and on point to conjure results. The more you tell me, the more you diagnose the issue and the better for me to pinpoint it as and fix.

Communication is the key to a successful repairs and greatly reduces repeated house calls.

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