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Buying your parent(s) appliances is only thoughtful if thoughtfully thought about.

I've been to so many homes where someone over the age of 65 says, "my son bought me this and he didn't even ask me what I wanted which is my old one back!" How you make someone's life easier is not based on the amount of "features" or whether or not they can control it and get updates from their phone. They usually stick to familiar ones. If your mom or dad need an appliance then here's a guide on getting them something they are happy with

  1. Complications are the unknown or illegible or hard to understand directions, manuals, digital multi-touch devices.

  2. If you help with a tutorial then make sure you prepare yourself. Become familiar with functions and efficientcies. If you don't care to know why should they.

  3. WASHERS: Make sure there is a reduction in soap usage and fabric softener. If someone uses as much soap as the unit that filled a tub with tons of water it will not hold up to it. The soap has been consentrated several times in the past 6 years and softener as well. Use pod or with liquid and/or divide the load quantity by the ounces listed on container and this is you soap amount.

  4. REFRIGERATORS: Filtered water and ice is a possible hazard especially if your dad gets a generic filter,(which could negate the warranty, create a flood, cause unseen moisture to be a slip and fall hazard. Always get the exact match from manufacturer, no knock offs.

  5. MICROWAVE: The rack in a microwave/hood should only be used for two tier cooking, with tray or dish on both plate and rack. The rack left in

  1. will eventually will create sparks and fire hazards.

These are some tips that help questions that will arise when buying for a relative so ask them to be involved in the choice.. Doing this will also strengthen your relationship with those who raised you.


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