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Every time you have guests, the ice maker stops working.

The ice maker stops working when you have a house full of glasses to fill. Well, there are simple explanations for this (and they are usually overlooked when preparing for gatherings, parties, and houseguests). I’m going to give the diagnosis and solution to it.

First at an event, such as a party, club or study gathering, you have more than normal amount of people in your home and some you control the amounts of ice used and some you don’t. Now the only control you have is keeping people out of the fridge and/or kitchen altogether.

Every time your fridge is opened if it is an ice maker in the door more warm air and less cold air blowing into the container to freeze the ice. If it is in the freezer, it would also be affected by the door opening and closing to get ice, especially if someone didn’t close door all the way.

The solution is to dump your bucket into a 1-gallon freezer bag a day or two prior to the event and make room in your freezer to store it.

Then, fill up a freezer-safe chilled container maybe that holds half of the ice and ice tongs which is less messy than a scoop and promotes less usage.

Refill the bag when it is empty so the ice maker can be refilling during event. If that doesn’t do the trick, there are undercounter ice machines that are permanent and countertop ice makers that you can put in storage space when not using. Lastly, the one who uses the most ice should bring a bag to the party.

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