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Good for Mother Earth: The End of Brazing

New refrigerant R600A, which has no substantial impact on our ozone layer or global warming, is now the new standard in the United States.

When I say "isobutane," it may conjure up images of a terrifying gas, but it's actually a lot less dangerous than a huge lighter (45g). All new refrigerators must use R600A, except built-in, which will be by 2025, and R134a is no longer being made and vendors can only sell what is on the shelf or recovered and reclaimed by two companies.

According to Revision 608, a violation might result in a fine of up to 44,000+ a day, possible jail time, and the suspension of one's driving privileges for a year. Europe has been doing this for a long time now. Additionally, it is unlawful to utilize any kind of flame near gas canisters unless a sealed system is in place. This means no more brazing, no more false fire alarms, and no more burning anything.

In order to stay in business, technicians and manufacturers alike must get on board with this and ensure that all the necessary fittings are easily available.

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