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The difference between high-efficiency washers and your washers from the past

The high-efficiency (H.E.) washer is unlike your previous washers because it senses load size and adds water accordingly. This is actually much more efficient than your load size unit that would fill with 1/4 off the tub for the smallest load. The reason for the HE detergent is it suds less like dishwasher detergent. The detergent does not clean your clothes though. The water cleans y

our clothes. The detergent only holds back the soils the water has removed from them. Since manufacturers have concentrated the soap 10x in the past 4 years it is imperative that you do these steps.

  1. The bottle of made in USA must have the amount of loads and the actual amount in the bottle and also must mark the cap within 10%. what they do not have to do is make the cap the right size or tell you on the bottle is the 3-4-5 lines never go into the washer itself and you rarely use the second. they must have how to use but usually have a website for consumers to check.

  2. Powder is only good if you seal it from moisture. If you open a huge cardboard box and it starts climbing toward the halfway point, it’s no good. You can tell by taking some and rubbing it between your palms if it gets hot it’s good if not it’s trash.

  3. Just because you use the pod doesn’t mean you should not clean washers monthly almost every new washer has a self-clean feature.

  4. If you use fabric softener don’t use a dryer sheet as well get the cedar balls or the rubber ones but don’t double up this causes lint accumulation (literally caused by threads that used to be in your clothing), faster break down of clothing and even fire hazards.

These tips save the average household approx. $700.00/year in detergents alone and if you factor in the repairs I’ve done even more.


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