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How is Your Outlet?

This question is not asked enough.

But any appliance owner should know whether the outlet is loose and jiggles around when you are plugging or unplugging your appliance.

Why is a snug fit important? This could cause fluctuations in electricity, leading to surges and drops that can drastically shorten the life of your appliance.

Do you see a burn mark on your outlet or the plug itself? This could be a clue to check for a solid grounding in your wiring to the outlet.

Take precautions of course. Consider having a professional out to install new outlets and make sure everything is solid: You could save more than the cost of the service.

Here's how to think of this: Boy walks across the carpet to shock the girl. He does this so many times until she hauls off and knocks him to the ground. Your loose outlet is the boy and the control board is the girl. How many shocks until your appliance has had enough? I don’t know. But if you schedule maintenance checks regularly and have your outlets inspected, you will have a better chance for longevity.


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