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Treat Your House Like You Treat Your Car

Your car care is imperative to most as transportation is so important to many of us. When the maintenance is required, we take our vehicles in every 5k miles. And at 30,000 and 90,000 miles, we get a much larger list of inspections, including fluid changing and flushing.

If you did not get tires rotated, they would wear out on one side.

Is your refrigerator as important? Your washer or dryer? Even your dishwasher? Why don’t you do maintenance on these every 6 or at least 12 months?

The Appliance Coach maintenance plans will keep your household running with optimum performance and lessen chance of thermal breakdown of fires or metal frictions, not to mention keeping your family home or small business safe.

Sign up with us today for a business bundle maintenance piece of mind plan and this will be one of your best decisions, not only for safety but financially sound to do.


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