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This message is urgent because it has to do with something I have noticed in the market that is now an active practice that we refuse to partake in at the Appliance Coach. It's there if you would have scam. If you would have done this or that you would've not have to pay me this. Why are the people that supposedly work for you, let you know that you are too late or why it is your fault they can't do anything for you? The cost should be in a detailed estimate that you have prior to any payment. The decision should be yours no matter how professional the tech seams. You not only have the right to question but the right to refuse.

I find that people in the field that don't know or don't want to put in the work to know give the "look away" or "touch" diagnosis.

Looking away: Avoidance of eye contact when explaining repair or why it shouldn't be.

Touch: So amazing! One hand touching machine and doing the feel diagnosis. " I am one with the machine, it's saying?" Since the most experienced tech can put this on you, please humor yourself and ask him/her to check that first., just to make sure. There is no right or wrong way. Just a way that makes tech feel less competent.

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