No more brazing and burning

Refrigeration has made a full turn here in the states and is finally following European lead and now R600A is the new refrigerant which has no significant impact on our ozone or global warming. This may sound scary when I say it isobutane but there is less than a big lighter put into the sealed system of a fridge (45g). As of January 1st all new refrigerators require R600A except built in which will be by 2025 and there is no more R134a being produced and vendors can only sell what is on the shelf or recovered and reclaimed by two entities only. The fine for violation is 44000+|day and possible jail time and loss of license from Revision 608. European countries have been doing this for years. It is also illegal to put any flame around containers that hold gas unless sealed system so no more brazing, no more fire alarms going off and no more burning things, only lok ring technology used and I did spell it correctly. So technicians that want to stay in the business, you better get on board with it and manufacturers that want to have techs to repair these better make sure all the fittings are readily available. ( new blog not published yet)

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