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Timing is Everything

Sometimes, people running businesses forget that there are other stakeholders in the equation. We all have an obligation to put our customers first, no matter what it takes.

You should never have to wait around without being sure if someone is going make an effort to provide service. Make it a point not only communicate clearly about your needs but also be reasonable with them so that both parties are satisfied.

If you've ever been left in the lurch by a no-show technician, or had your appointment cancelled or rescheduled without your knowledge, you know how frustrating it can be.

Our app tracks techs and alerts you with a text when they're on the way, so you'll never have to wonder again. Plus, you'll get the name of the technician prior to arrival, and we target 30 minutes ahead. Are you getting this kind of service from your current provider? With our upgraded software, we can do better.

Today is always a new day and The Appliance Coach is here for it. Neighbors helping neighbors.


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