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What’s the Best ___ to Buy?

Because I am in the appliance industry, I am often asked this question—and you can insert anything from refrigerator to TV. I answer that question with a question or two of my own. 'What are you looking for? ' ' What space is it going in?' 'Is it for your teenager or for your grandmother?'

You should be clear on the needs of the person using the new appliance. A well-meaning grandson might purchase the latest digital dishwasher, but Grandma just prefers a simple dial. And that high-tech wine cooler with the digital child lock might not keep out tech-savvy teenagers.

When someone asks me 'what’s the best dishwasher,' that’s a very open-ended question. Perhaps I can tell you the best dishwasher for your budget, or for your decor, or to match the name brands in your kitchen.

Money isn't everything. You can spend as much as you want on a TV but if your internet doesn’t support the pixel or your favorite network doesn’t go the highest point in their broadcast transmission then you will be getting same picture. In other words, 5G will only get 4G if your provider does not support it.

Location matters. Do you have a window glare where you plan to put your TV? There are TVs that virtually remove the glare from the screen with the lighting and anti-glare screen. But you might reconsider if your home has little ones: one pressed finger from junior on these and bye-bye screen.

Size matters too. When it comes to measurements, will it fit safely where I want it to go. For example, dishwashers are basically same height within an inch, plus they all have adjustable legs. But watch your flooring mesaurements,. If yuo do tiling after you get dishwasher, it won't fit.

So the three most important questions are: what do you need it for? who is using it? and will it fit safely?

So when you are reading reviews or consumer reports, most of those are based on manufacturing or regulatory needs, like energy ratings. Energy star ratings are compiled by a great number of factors and this could be something you may never use.

Remember that it’s not the best refrigerator if it’s not the best for you . Get what you need for the job that you need it for. But you better be looking for a fridge if yours is 20+years old because you don't want to do an impulse buy. when it quits on you.

Ask yourself the right questions.

Television with screens
The best TV for our upstairs bedroom.


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