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When is the Right Time to Do Appliance Maintenance?

Well, I must tell you there is never a too-soon scenario that that I have seen myself, and usually if you are not sure if or when you have had maintenance checks and cleaning with adjustments then it’s been too long. so let’s get to it.

For some of us this is hard to hear, but for others exactly the opposite. Most refrigerators, washers, and dishwashers, and the inside of the dryer are subject to thermal and physical wear.

There is a process, and it is important that The Appliance Coach is here for you. We do maintenance on all major appliances. If you have a filter under the sink then that could be combating with your filter inside of your refrigerator: Reverse osmosis always lowers the water pressure which will make the valve not work correctly so that’s why your icemaker is not working right or you’re getting the spitting out water or the water drips from the ice or from the water when you ask for water out front.

Another example: In refrigerators, it's important to keep your coils clean to your condenser because they have to cool off the compressor. So the more that they overheat, the more chance of a thermal breakdown of your compressor is likely to happen.

Many of us neglect our daily chores or our regular chores or even the chores that we have weekly or monthly or even yearly, but this causes things to happen and those things are detrimental because they cost so much money to fix or to replace. If you take your car in to get an oil change every 5,000 to 10,000 miles or if you check it every single time that Waze tells you. Why do you not do that with any appliance that you have in your home that is worth more than $500. This is the cut off for whenever we decide that we are going to get a new appliance. You’ve done it so many times or you are going to call a repair person because it’s much less than getting a new one. But what if you didn’t have all the repairs because you actually did what the manufacture suggest and what it’s common sense sometimes just by cleaning, doing maintenance, and following suggestions by the manufacturer, and listening to me, The Appliance Coach.

It’s your money and I am here to help.


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