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When My Dryer Makes a Noise, Should I Worry?

So the dryer is making a noise: Of course that can lead to other problems. So let’s go through some noises, shall we?

  • Squealing high pitched sound that is constant is definitely time to be concerned you have at the very least worn out the lube on supports or belt pulley. in some brands the bearings and in others the coupler.

  • Metal to metal sound that happens every drum rotation this is probably something between felt and cabinet front of back. I have found coins and paper clips and nails, screws, necklace clasps, pen ink tubes, pieces of credit cards, board game pieces, ID tags and needles. All of these with echo much louder then the size they are and usually sound when they scrape the top. usually minor.

  • Then there is the rattler loud and shaky and sounds like dryer is going to fall apart. This in many cases is more than one culprit but the blower wheel tops the list followed closely by the belt pulley and supports. Still not so bad as to throw away the dryer. Still a reasonable repair.

Regular maintenance can help you keep this symphony under control, and make laundry day more peaceful.


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