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A “Loaded”question? What is a full load on my new washer and dryer ?

First of all when I say they don’t make them like they used to, I’m not referencing that as a bad thing.

The new front and top load washers spin clothes out so well they are almost dry when you put them in the dryer. They use 60-90% less water and close to 50% less electrical power (wattage). If you are not getting results like this it may be your laundry habits.

  1. Washer tub should have only 2/3 of tub filled with dry clothing. 1/2 tub with Jeans and Towels which do not use a normal cycle.

  2. Soap and fabric softener have been concentrated many times in past 12 years . Not only can this build up and break drain pump and leave the machine smelling, but also damage your clothes and over time damage suspension rods, counter weights, and calibration of machine.

  3. Level legs are always very important in optimum usage and remember the installers may have done it right but houses shift with the earth and have dips in other places.

4: Clean washer monthly with the clean washer or tub clean cycle and no more downey sheet because 1 is enough. Remember a large portion of these engineers are sons and daughters of the previous engineers.

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