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How to clean a cooktop correctly.

I go out on repairs simply because someone wasn't paying attention while cleaning the top of a range or cooktops and crack the ignitor or get it wet inside the ceramic. I'm going to give some easy ways to not lose your cooktop's ability to light.

First do not get the ignitors wet even when cleaning you can use a toothpick or skewer and something like rubbing alcohol that evaporates quickly. Liquid inside ceramic ignitor will cause unit to click even after lighting.

Second, a cracked ceramic will force the spark somewhere else with less resistance like where the crack is or below the top. And you would here spark faintly or see sparks on other burners but not the one that is broken. Or it's shooting spark in the wrong spot.

If you follow these simple steps then your cooktop will have a long life. As for the cleaner there is cooktop, soft scrub, the pink stuff or other non abrasive cleaner.

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