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Is it Time to Spring Clean?

Well this is the big question, should we put off maintenance on our appliances because we only notice subtle performance losses? I say any loss should persuade you to get maintenance done.

Example #1. Dryer is not heating like it used to but it does if I add some extra time to it. Dryers are the number one cause of house fires in the U.S.

Example#2 Refrigeratoris not cooling like it used to, so you just turn the temperature lower or the level higher depending on brand and model. Optimum temp set at factory should have very little fluctuation from recommended setting. Could be environment, could be maintenance service needed. Do you know how many compressors and strat devices would be saved by regular maintenance on fridge? at least once a year could add an addition 5 years to the life. Quarterly or semi-annual would project for even more.

Example #3 maybe the Dish wasn’t loaded correctly but why does it have this white film on only some and my plastic is even wetter than before. Could be, that’s right theme blog, you could need maintenance on you dishwasher, especially if you have.

A. Something different about when you first got it and present.

B. You have an odor in the unit.

C. to have clean dishes you must have clean dishwasher. Aka, calcium deposits on heater that prevent water heating and drying correctly.

How long can you afford to be down on fridge , dryer or dishwasher. We do have maintenance plans here at Appliance Coach

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