Prepare for your visit from The Appliance Coach

  • Plan to have pets and other family members stay in another room while the technician is working.

  • Make sure your home and appliance area is accessible, clean and free of other issues (i.e. clutter, dirt, waste, evidence of pest infestations)

  • Our technicians observe all safe masking protocols: please cover your face with a medical or cloth mask.

  • Abide by CDC social-distancing guidelines. Unless the technician requests your assistance, avoid hovering and maintain a physical distance of at least six feet.

  • After the repair is complete, we recommend disinfecting the appliance once more before resuming use.

  • If the appliance remains broken or is declared unfixable by the technician, we recommend following their expert instructions regarding operation or use.

  • Diagnosis fees and parts deposits are due at time of appointment (cash, check, selected payment apps)

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