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I can do it tomorrow can put you in a state of emergency

You know the things we put off like the weird noise in the car or the check engine light?Or the replace water filter in the fridge? Or the clean lint filter in the dryer? These are things that can easily cause a state of emergency.

If you do not change your water filter in your fridge than it may cause a leak in the housing, the valve(s) or the water lines. This may also happen if you put a generic filter that is not the oem filter for your fridge on. Most filters that are half the price have half or less value and can cause multiple damages. The longer you ignore the filter the more chance you have of damage.

Ignoring the cleaning of lint trap which is a light on new machines that is on before every load can cause poor drying, fires, damage to other components and clothing. Fires caused by laundry are still the number one cause of house fires according to the national insurance commission.

Don't make doing it tomorrow a costly habit that causes an emergency. Take care of it today.


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