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When The DIY’er Has Gone Too Far

Some people like the idea of doing things on their own, especially when they need to fix things around the house. Being able to fix something yourself gives you a sense of accomplishment, learning a new skill is exciting, and you might even save money on work costs. But not all home repair jobs are the same. What seems like an easy task at first can quickly become something complicated, time-consuming, and maybe expensive.

If You Want to Fix Your Own Dishwasher, Read This!

Let's look at the story of a machine that went wrong. A client recently called me after trying to fix their dishwasher on their own. The problem was first thought to be a leak, but when it was looked at more closely, it became clear that it was much worse. Not only were the internal parts not where they should have been, they were also connected wrong. It wasn't just a leak; this was a full-on technical disaster.

The job that was meant to be as easy as replacing a heater for the sump system turned into a nightmare. The heater is generally easy to get to by lifting the sump and replacing the base. However, the wrong do-it-yourself attempt made the heater part of a bigger, more complicated fix. No idea what I’m talking about? Not knowing enough about home fixes can be very dangerous in this case.

The homeowner spent three times as much on work on this do-it-yourself project as it had originally cost. Not to mention the extra stress and chance of breaking the device even more.


So how do you know when to swallow your pride and call the professionals?


·       How Hard the Job Is: It's best to call a professional if the fix involves complicated parts or systems that you don't know how to work (like our sump assembly heater).

·       Tools and equipment: You may need special tools to fix some things. Call a tech if you don't have these tools or know how to use them.

·       Safety: Don't do it if there's a chance you could get hurt or cause more damage to your property.

Do-it-yourself projects can be fun, but it's important to know what you can and can't do. There's no shame in asking for help with things you can't do on your own. That being said, the next time you find yourself swearing while working in the kitchen, it might be time to call someone.


In the end, having peace of mind is worth a lot. That’s why I’ve prepared a new book on household appliance maintenance. Check it out on Amazon and share with your friends!






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