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This was so misleading when I read it

I could not believe what I read about something that really has not much in merit written by a home marketing group who gave offset examples and basically gave no credit toward enginuity, eviromental impacts laws and/or how many different manufacturers are involved from blueprint to market introduction production. And inventory control nor ODP(ozone depletion potential)or even GDP(green house gas depletion potential) as factors in modern appliance being made.

Question was are older appliances better built than newer? And the answer astounded me. They brought up planned obsolescence by manufacturers that make things to last much less time so you must buy new because the parts and repair exceed cost of new unit. This was astounding to me because I have been in the industry so long that I have seen the changes and innovations made by sons and daughters of yesterday's engineers. This squarely put the blame all onto the manufacturers greed? What kind of reputation would that get you? Would you continue to buy from a manufacturer if you knew they were planning to make your unit unaffordable to fix and break down in a certain amount of time. Bad business plan if you ask me. And unproven as well. More like conspiracy theory to try and gain customer confidence they are not loyal to any brands and want to give you an answer you are fishing for.

Sorry folks, I hate to burst your bubble, but here it goes. New mandatory EPA(environmental protection agency) laws are submitted and enforced every year, not by just US but but a joint treaty of now well over 200 countries to slow global warming and preserve depleting resources, not to mention state and local additional mandates made which like a California smog check a new vehicle has more restrictions because of the smog created so rapidly as opposed to a less populated state. Appliances are no different and manufacturers that want to sell products in a state or country must comply to do so. Next, you may not know this but we are now a global economy, so one brand may have several parts by multiple subcontracted manufacturers in several countries. This would mean that the original blueprint was purposely flawed to create breakdown? What business could stay in business with that kind of business plan? What do you think they would do with the turnover that they would receive and how could they sustain any profit by losing customers constantly? Next customers break machines I've seen it over and over again because I am a technician and I explain to them how to use the machine, which basically is in all of the instructions that the manufacturer gives all of the instructions that the soap manufacturers give and all of the instructions that are available online if you don't have a manual or paperwork for either of those things also how to load how much soap all of these things are in manufactures of the product that you're asking about. Bottom line is this do you want to blame somebody for your appliance but yes there's more plastic. Yes there is a lot less water than before but are they less efficient because they last longer than yours are absolutely now agreed on the bearings being built into the tub to where you couldn't replace the bearing itself but you know what they fix that in a lot of these to where you can replace it and that was also a defect by a manufacturer or several manufacturerers that put that together. That doesn't necessarily mean is the manufacturer that you bought it from. We now have brushless motors that Krth that her post created polls created, and they basically run electrical pulses, surges that create a gravity magnetism that basically runs your washer very efficiently, so much more efficiently than any belt ever would've but yes, there's less water and the tubs are bigger so when you step them you're putting way more clothes in then you used to on the Maytag washers that everybody's talking about that last 45 years they were tanks yes but you know what I saw those things rust out and think about those that needed transmission or bearing seal it wasn't a very expensive fix. Most of the things weren't too expensive on them, like the filter or anything like forget about the cost plus the fact that you got it because it was inflation so you know I have to say this is that plastic cheaper than metal now and there is a lot less of it, but not the manufactures fault with plans of obsoletion. I just don't get that anybody would say that ever. There's just so many factors involved .

Lastly, when somebody tells you something trying to be non bias usually that means that they have a motive anyways so take everything with a grain of salt with somebody saying something and they said they have no steak in the game because they always do me myself and I just like to give it out honestly and I just don't think the manufactures to be attacked for like this for no reason whenever I don't believe that anybody goes in there and says let's plan on how we're going to break our machines after a few years I just don't believe that those are the kind of meetings that people are having engineers breed engineers like doctors doctors lawyers be lawyers United States breed as just whenever you're in that kind of family people want you to bother push-ups just like a mechanic or some or somebody else and you know a lot of times children will make your own choices but guess what there's usually more than one in the family right of anything, especially to the family business so what would that engineer that's a daughter or son of another engineer want to come home to say? Guess what we made today.. can't exactly tell you how we did it yet because it's not hit the market but you're gonna just love this and I'm sure that the father or mother of this child that was an engineer that's retired or what have you been saying did you just did you do that? Oh yeah, how how is this you know but basically innovations happen and we discover things all the time and appliances, follow cars which follow the airlines companies and you know Boeing usually is an engineer. Somethings in the car companies, then appliance companies follow that you know kind of status if it's something in ingenuity or something that can be used. Creating something to fail in my opinion would be a recipe for disaster and I find it non-sensical and without merit. This is what I fully believe.

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