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Single parenting prepared me for appliance coaching

I learned to cook and do laundry not just because my mother, who was a single mother from the time I was nine years old until I reached adulthood, prepared me. It was due to the necessity of single parenting. In my children's lives, I have been a single parent twice: once when my youngest was born until he was about 5 years old before I met and married DeDe, and again when she died and before I began my life with Anjetta.

My youngest, Justin was born with medical issues, and his mother vanished after I was granted full custody. I couldn't feed them from a can, and Justin had an intestinal blockage that kept us at Loma Linda Children's Hospital for the majority of his first year. I had to leave my job with the City of Los Angeles because I had to hold him for 12 hours while he received total parenteral nutrition (TPN), which is given to people who are unable to use their digestive systems at all. TPN had to be administered through his central vein to his heart. I went to parenting classes and medically fragile classes to keep him from pulling the IV out. I also asked my stepmother and mother how to make food I liked that was possibly healthier than what came in a box.

Plus, I started learning more and more about how not to leave a stain on a shirt, such as never using hot water first and rubbing the fabric against itself.

I had to sort through all of the different perspectives from people who believed that the way they were raised was the best way. For example, my stepmother made the second-best spaghetti I've ever tasted, while my stepgrandmother made the best. I settled for the second option because Grandma wouldn't even tell her how to make the first. In addition, my stepmother, J

o (Josephine), had a much healthier low-sodium option. To make a dish, I used to watch cooking shows and then search the internet. My oldest son Trent graduated from culinary school, possibly because we were both picky about food taste and texture and had both gone hungry on occasion: Me to feed the kids with whatever food I had and him when he was younger and waiting for me to get home. His mom had schizophrenia and would forget where she was or how to get home. She was one of the sweetest people before her mind and body deteriorated. My eldest son possesses many of her positive characteristics. When it was just the three of us, he was my rock. He also learned to do laundry and change diapers at a much younger age than I did.

Even if you avoid salt, I discovered that the only way to eliminate it is to grow everything yourself and eat fresh

ly picked daily. What single parent could afford something like this? I've never met one. I took pasta, cast iron, and baking classes, among other things. I can cook better than anyone I've ever dated or married, but Anjetta is a good cook. And, no matter which state I visit, Trent makes the best fried chicken I've ever had, and I always order to compare. Because my expectations for perfection never happen in a dirty oven or cooktop, I know how to clean and maintain your oven.

I was raised for appliance repair and training due to single parenting, electrical theory in college, and the opportunity Kevin Williams from KW Appliance provided years ago. I have studied and saved service pointers

and bulletins about potential problems with your unit. And understand the differences between old and new, as well as the soap and water ratios. Even though everything is twice as difficult as it is for a single parent, and there is no one to blame when you make a mistake, you also do not have to answer to anyone about how you raise your children. That isn't always a good thing. I used a village to raise my children. My mom took care of my daughter Alondra, who was born with cerebral palsy. I worked full-time and managed with the boys by learning laundry, cooking, and cleaning.

I only had time for thoughts of regret when I was alone. When we get the space, I'll be teaching a consumer class for families, hoping to help ones like mine. I will share my knowledge with the rest of the village.

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