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Too much for us to take and so little to give

Why do we act as if we have nothing left to give as we take some more to appease our desires?  Why is there always an angle to the giving for a take?  We give to feel better about ourselves while we take the praise we expect from the gift we promoted.    

Yet generosity ceases if the gift was not received in the way we thought it would or should have been.  We remove our support if we find that we could not take anything from it.

We complain about the names on sports arenas and fields, yet promote our businesses on little league fences and uniforms with photos of the teams on our walls.  We give to a cause that cost less than a cup of coffee to take the guilt away from buying the coffee.

Truly giving is made with sacrifice and humbleness not looking for reward or recognition or opportunity to take.

To give with a joyful heart of your time, finances, talents, skills, and effort in a loving generosity has so much blessing in itself and so many undeserved rewards.

We were created to give but corrupted to take.  If you fight the thoughts of what you feel you deserve then you would put another before yourself and this would go against human instinct, but would resemble your spiritual creation you were meant to be. And everything you thought was so important to you becomes trivial compared to this.

Achieving such spirituality in one lifetime could prove to be impossible. But just catching a glimpse of it is irreplaceable and life changing, not just for yourself, but the effect on others around you.

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