What is your warranty?

You know when you are getting ready to purchase something and the clerk asks you if you would like to add a service plan to that for a dollar amount pre-determined by the unit price, what the risk factor based on what you are purchasing and that most people don’t even know what the original warranty states. This means that if your bulb burns out in 35 days; not covered. If the unit has damage and you saw it six months later when someone pulled it out of the place it originally sat for the first time, sorry cosmetic 30days CA the extended contract you purchased would not only not cover it, but put it in your file when you called so there would already be a flag or asterisk by your name for any future calls. A 5 or 10 year warranty is for major components and usually after 1st or 2nd year depending on quality of the product and brand. know yo your warranty and save the information so you can find it if needed. educate yourself on the warranty prior to purchase not just the star rating or energy consumption but warranty that you actually already pay for in the purchase so why get an extended warranty that starts the first day you purchase when it should start after original warranty expires. If you did not know then this would be your loss.Remember except for rare cases, manufacturers have 1/2 of 1% of all appliances sold have manufacturer defect in first year and there are plenty of those that were install issue or customer instruct calls. If they made a failed product they would never let the public see it.

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