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Maintenance Required

Do you completely disregard your car's required maintenance, or how about a check engine light? The majority of us would say no to this question.

Don't you wish your washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, or oven/range/cooktop would simply notify you when it requires maintenance with an indicator light or warning?

Great news! This blog has the answers:

1) Refrigerators should be serviced every six months to a year, no more. You could use a change filter light that is usually timed for 6 months. If not, remember the month.

2) If a dishwasher or disposal emits an odor, it is time to service it.

3) If the range is smoking and your food is not yet cooking, it's time for maintenance.

4) If the washer has a mildew odor and the dryer is taking longer to dry, it is time for maintenance.

Whatever you do, please contact us at the Appliance Coach before the situation gets worse.


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